Three of my five highest values are education, research, and contribution to the greater good. I am also extremely driven by human rights and social justice. I apply these values and drivers to corporate environments by focusing on organisational justice; this is the focus of fair treatment in the workplace.

Having worked in corporates for more than 20 years, I have experienced, and witnessed, unjust behaviour. This includes, to name a few topics, subliminal bullying, manipulation, working with blatantly dishonest individuals, and gas-lighting. We are adults, living in an adult world, and this type of behaviour should not be condoned. Because of my views, I am known to challenge conventional wisdom. This is why research is so important – It allows new themes to emerge to contribute new content, and understanding, that will hopefully raise awareness about particular behaviours, and encourage change.

Research Topic

The Impact of Not Being Listened To

We (Avenue B Coaching and Welcome Me to Me), are passionate about research. We are currently researching ‘The Impact of Not Being Listened To’.

There is a difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is the process of receiving sound e.g. hearing background music. Listening is the action of attention to the sound e.g. understanding the song lyrics. Hearing is innate i.e. we are born with hearing. Listening involves hearing followed by, perceiving, interpreting, and responding to what is being said.

Having spent the majority of our career in the talent and behavioural field, we have experienced Leaders who spoke excessively, only heard, and did not listen. This lead to employees feeling frustrated. It has been noted that this type of behaviour, creates other habits such as interrupting mid-sentence, or impact motivation negatively. As behavioural specialists, we have learned that this is ubiquitous amongst leaders.

The theory underpinning ‘The Impact of Not Being Listened To’ is limited. By completing this questionnaire, you will be contributing to research. This research will be shared with associate universities, as well as, used in our leadership programmes.

When answering these questions, please answer in the context of your specific leader.

We thank you, in anticipation, for your participation.

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