‘Momentous’. What a fabulous word. The definition of this word is even more fabulous – to have a significant experience that usually links to the future. Mandy Hale talks about how each moment in your life leads up to an ‘a-ha’ moment. Oprah Winfrey talks about life constantly sending you messages to direct your path. Momentous moments can also mean redirecting your path – thinking that you are on one course and then you end up on a different course – a better one.

The latter definition of ‘momentous’, the ‘redirect’, is a significant one because it forces us to ‘wake up’ to what is going on in our lives. Again, Oprah talks about ‘sleepwalking’ through our lives. Think about this – we blink, and it is Monday. We forget what the weekend was about at 10 am on a Monday morning because we are inundated with work. We blink and it is Friday – we have survived a Monday to Friday ‘ritual’ in our role and delivered something, or not a thing…we just know that we have ticked boxes to fulfil certain obligations – be it buying groceries or appeasing our bosses. Case in point. We exist.

We can all ‘un-exist’ so that we savour our life and enjoy every moment. If we don’t pause to ‘smell the roses’, we begin limiting ourselves – not just in our potential, in the essence of life too. Right, let’s get to the ‘why’ of this.

If we are in a constant state of busy-ness, we don’t have time to think and we don’t have time to pause and capture the moment that we are living. We miss out on signs that could help us on our path. In ‘The Power of Intention’, Dr Wayne Dyer speaks to noticing small things to give you a message. He gives an example of what his daughter experienced. Before her university year began, she resigned from a temporary job because she didn’t enjoy it – it was draining, and she was not being appreciated for the number of hours that she was putting in. She was existing. She knew that she needed to work, and she told her dad that ideally, she would like to do something with purpose – in her case it had something to do with horse-riding and children. The very next day, with her intent in hand, she kept her eyes open because she wasn’t succumbing to ‘existing’. Lo and behold, there was an advert on a telephone pole for horseback riding lessons. Even though she didn’t need these lessons, she took it as a sign to call the number provided. The owner of this school was looking for help…and the job was to work with children, teaching them and taking them on paths and trails. The moral? If she didn’t look up and explore what it meant to exist, she may not have seen it. Now, no one is saying resign from your job and look for signs. The message is simple – pause in a moment and understand your surroundings. You may miss something if you don’t. If the world could do this, we could probably shift into a more positive energy.

If we are in a constant state of busyness, we can, unfortunately, lose what matters to us. We are living in an age of absolute unpredictability. We don’t think beyond a fiscal year or a presidential term. We don’t think about the impact we make on our planet hence, 7ish years before the damage is irreversible. And we certainly don’t think that one day, we may not wake up, or be given 90 days to live. I guarantee, if we dig deep, we know someone who has experienced trauma like this. And yet, as trauma goes, we move on to survive the next one. We don’t stop to learn the lesson that maybe, just maybe, it is more important to be present, counting momentous moments, than to be worrying about the presentation that we need to give on a Monday. We change to suit other people’s needs instead of instantly addressing our desires. This, my wonderful readers is not good enough. Why? Because one day you will blink, and you will notice that others spotted the opportunities before you did and moved on to greener pastures. The adage of the grass not being greener on the other side should be changed….to move forward with moments, the grass is always greener. Why? Because you aren’t standing still. You are moving with the opportunities that are being presented to you because you noticed them.

And that, my lovely followers, is how you live your potential and give those close to you the gift of your being.

Be momentous! Live momentously! Or hey, just ‘be’!

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