Oxford Dictionary describes stagnation as, ‘the state of flowing or not moving’ and/or ‘lack of activity, growth or development’. We want to add another definition – watching Netflix, being addicted to social media, and still believing that was true ‘back then’, is true now.

Tough to accept? Maybe, maybe not. We can make this definition have more of a sting – stagnation is disrespecting your mind’s right to work to its maximum capacity. At one point, a myth was created that we use only 10% of our brainpower. At another juncture, and still to be explored further, the ‘left’ and ‘right’ brain definition, according to some neurosurgeons, is inaccurate. Here’s what we do know – most of us don’t meet our full potential, for various reasons, and most of us overuse our brains in the wrong way. Let’s not debate why this happens. Instead, let’s ultimately agree that this can, or does, lead to stagnation. Stagnation – a ‘deadly’ sin.

Okay, here is one more thing that could ignite an emotion…according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, ‘the greatest habit you can ever break is the habit of being yourself’. How dare he! If we are taught for most of our lives to believe in ourselves, respect ourselves, put ourselves first and even, love ourselves (!) [a lot of this doesn’t always happen…] how can he tell us to break ourselves? Well, let’s unpack this.

We can extrapolate many meanings from Dr. Dispenza’s statement. Let’s keep it simple – we are born with, what John Locke calls, Tabula Rasa, a blank slate. Nature and nurture shape us. Following this, when is the right time to take over the responsibility of self-development outside of the realms of the norms we know? Think about it, most people reading this article are better off than the rest of the world – we have had, no matter how, access to primary education, possibly tertiary education, and job roles that provided us with further training. Great. Now what?

In a world that is rapidly changing, and the future of work moving toward a different level of skills, behaviours, and practices, what have you done to get ready – not your company, you?

This is the thing…people think that adopting change is easy. Things change and we go with the flow. Look at the 2020 pandemic. The world was locked down and continues to go in and out of lockdown. We had to wear masks to combat the virus yet, once there was a bit of freedom, with actually, no end in sight to the pandemic, we carried on in our pre-normal fashion, didn’t change our behaviour, and guess what, at the time of writing this article, we have seen more surges.

So, what makes it difficult to change our behaviour? Well, we believe that it is the sin of stagnation and lack of accountability. We think everyone around us will change to suit our situation and therefore, we don’t need to change or learn a different way of doing things. No, no, no!

We said it before, and we will say it again…times are changing, and we are changing with them. Why is this so difficult to grasp? Well, here’s why:

  • We don’t change our belief of our reality – what is, will always be, according to us…
  • We believe it is matter over mind…the virus is out there so it will impact me if I go out instead of, mind over matter, (a distilled version of Descartes’s ‘I think therefore I am’) – I believe that my going out will impact the spread of the virus – do you see how this subtle difference changes the nuance of things and puts accountability back onto us?
  • We act as a silo and forget that absolutely everything is connected e.g., in economics, we have supply and demand; in marriage, we have give and take; in work we must produce to grow the business, be rewarded, and create opportunities for others.

Simple examples yet pertinent ones.

Not everyone wants to fight the sin of stagnation and that is okay. Let’s turn Pareto’s Principle on its head – if 20% of the world fights stagnation, we can get 80% innovation, opportunity, and growth.

Simple? Well, only if you want to break the habit of being yourself. Step into your light. Step into your potential, and let your mind create your reality. It works – ask Jim Carrey.

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