The birth of my twin nieces had a significant impact on my life. Ever since that day, the 30th August 2014, I realized the importance of keeping milestone dates. Because of this, every time I have a catalyst, one that I call the ‘now I get it moment’ that relates to improving myself and contributing to my success, I write the date on a piece of paper and put that piece of paper on my fridge.

The dates and lessons that I have garnered so far are:

  • 3 August 2015 – betrayal is real and raw and scary and lonely
  • 8 September 2016 – I deserve the best
  • 30 November 2017 – I put myself last (a no, no, no moment)
  • Overall, 2018 was a major catalyst – one that is done and dusted and one that I will put down as those moments – been there, done that, been there many times again because I don’t learn the lesson the first time so it hits me harder the tenth time and I finally get the message. No further lessons needed in this category!
  • 14 June 2019 – always look up – there is more to life than focusing on one thing
  • 25 July 2019 – now wait for this lesson…… we tell a story to make things seem better or worse instead of seeking the truth, kindness and support from ourselves, our close friends and family

Date trackers are significant. They are significant because each catalyst is a lesson. They are significant because each lesson should be a celebration of realisation – we don’t celebrate ourselves enough. They are significant because it makes us live more consciously. They are significant because teaching moments move us forward. They are significant because it is a reflection in time that is indicative of change and growth – if you aren’t changing, growing and moving forward, you are standing still and doing a disservice to your potential by living unconsciously.

So here’s the thing, the 25th July 2019 lesson was a major milestone for me. I learned that the story that I told myself is not the story that I deserved – despite my sister and all my friends reminding me that I warranted only the best. The situation was a bitter reality to swallow. It should be a good reality as my support network were holding up ‘The Good Mirror’ to me. Until I had acknowledged this and forgiven myself for telling this story of desiring lesser, only then could I accept that actually, this teachable moment needed to be the final one in this category because I was the only one telling the ‘lesser version of myself’ story. It was and is time to say ‘enough’.

Finally, after all the face-timing and social gatherings over this past weekend, noting that most of these conversations included red wine (and oh my, that certainly did help me look at this lesson with humour and closure…), I thank these women for the hope and positivity that they pulled out in my story. Even after the numerous glasses of wine, they continued to remind me of the ‘better version of myself’ story. I am honoured that these formidable beings are in my life.

Date trackers are good – it acts as a reminder that each moment that makes us feel good and each moment that hurts, in fact, every moment, has a positive spin to it.

I needed to accept my 25th July 2019 lesson and I am doing this by practicing the following mantra, ‘Today I choose joy. Today I choose me!’ Step into your brave shoes and tell the ‘better version of yourself’ story!

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