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The Welcome Me to Me Journey

The brand name ‘Welcome Me to Me’ was created in 2017. I had mulled over what to call this business since 2014, when finally, I decided that I would drive my destiny and own my specialist career in anything and everything people related, as well as, corporate offerings. After all, only my limited beliefs prevented me from doing this earlier. Like many, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. The realisation of the brand name was born when I understood that for me, to be a pillar to my family, friends, society, and even within my career, I had to ‘welcome me to me’.

Fast forward many years later, and I am living my dream career, dealing with amazing clients and individuals. Having spent many years in corporate Human Resources, across multiple industries, I realised that the only constants are people and change. For individuals and organisations to be successful, it is important for employees to be able to step into their unique talents. Once a person is true to themselves, they contribute more and are more excited about the future of the company, and their individual prospects. It is my passion to unlock that excitement in organisations and individuals.

What do I offer?

In my coaching practice, I work with a model called The Whole Sum©. This model was created with systems psychology being a core contributor. I also specialise in continuums© and spectrums. I have created models relating to how, if you understand where you are on the continuum and spectrum, your role, and the organisational goals, become more aligned. Examples of these continuums and spectrums include, to name a few, trust, engagement, decision-making and relationships. Some of my other models include The Good Mirror© and Stepping Into Your Brave Shoes©.

In most instances, I follow the Japanese philosophy Genchi Genbutsu, meaning that I go to the source, that real place (gemba), and observe. I immerse myself in organisations to hear the different versions of truth. Having been in the people field for more than 20 years, I pride myself on connecting the dots and seeing the unseeable. This is referenced by my previous colleagues. As I espouse systems theory, I am able to strike a fine balance of working holistically within organizations. I am passionate about a lot of things. If I pinpoint this down to an organisational passion, it is getting people to shift against the norm – whether it is careers, change to technology or even, personal circumstances.

As an Executive coach, I focus on intentional listening skills. The unsaid is as important as much as the said.

I do research in various fields and therefore, develop copyright models that are used to assist individuals and organisations. Because of my competitive nature, I enjoy pushing boundaries to challenge convention and prefer to use research to challenge a normative view.

More about me

I spent most of my career in corporates, specialising in all things strategic and people related. I hold an Honours Degree in Psychology, a few Post Graduate qualifications in business and strategy, and various coaching and facilitation tools. These qualifications are internationally accredited. My experience across various industries, with exposure to operating at a senior level, including executive committees, equips me to work with leaders at all levels of the organisation, as well as, their teams. My background in being a strategic people partner has aided businesses and their leaders in getting the business results required from the employee’s performance.

Professional Associate of

ABP Certified Business Psychologist 200

Services I offer

Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching session where I use various models and tools. I ensure that your leadership toolbox is filled with solutions as I work with my illustrator to provide you with unique solutions.

Team Coaching

Team dynamics are important to any organisation so I work with various models to implement team effectiveness.

People Strategy and Design

Most of my career was around designing strategy and ensuring implementation and sustainable outcomes.

Change Readiness, Implementation and Sustainability

I work closely with companies on sustainable change models; this can include, to name a few, organisational structures, change to culture or change to IT systems.

Creative Solutioning

It is more comfortable to default to various models/tools – should a business want to step away from this and develop branding initiatives and activities to support project, I offer this service.


I conduct research which is used to highlight how latent issues within an organisation prevents change of behaviour, improved productivity, and positive culture.


I am experienced as a keynote speaker to a target audience.

Communication Strategy

I develop and implement communication plans to support business needs.


I am trained in various tools e.g. Participlan/Graphic Facilitation. I facilitate meetings, workshops and strategy sessions.

Gratitude list

As I practice gratitude and know that I am only where I am because of the wonderful support that I have, I would like to give gratitude to my web designer Current Consulting
and my illustrator Diane Shearer

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

John Quincy Adams

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